CNC Lathe and Mill Machining Services

Computer numerical controllers (CNC) created a revolutionary advancement in machining upon their inception in the 1940s. Controlled by computer, a CNC can craft intricate detail into a part's design with very little effort involved and at a pace unrivalled by a manual machinist's skill. If you need a rapid manufacturing process where accuracy, speed and timelines are mission critical to your product's success, Ben's Machining in Calgary delivers high quality CNC services at excellent rates and an even better time. Whether it be a product that requires a CNC lathe or a CNC mill, our CNC machines and their tools can handle the demand and flexibility that your project requires. Our Multiaxis CNC technologies come from quality and reliable manufacturers such as Hurco, Mazak, Modern and Doosan. So send us your CAD/CAM design or engineering documents and we can get started on making your concepts or ideas come to life.

Ben's Machining handles a variety of different projects and specializes in delivering CNC services for oilfield parts and components. We also manufacture more delicate and precision-demanding components as well. Our CNC experts on staff have over 50 years of experience and command excellence through consistent results. With their knowledge and expertise, we will take the headache out of the process of building your creation. Your satisfaction with our services is what we strive to exceed.

Our newest CNC machine is the Hurco VMX64i. It is a versatile 4-axis CNC mill with many perks to increase efficiency in our output such as dual monitor touch screen displays, automatic tool changer with a loaded 32 tool magazine, and a generously large table size that is 66 x 35 inches (1676 x 889 mm) and that allows for a job finishing 64" of travel on the X axis, 34" on the Y axis and 30" on the Z axis.

Maximum CNC Machining Capabilities:
CNC Lathes
20 Inches/508 Millimeters
CNC Mills
Maximum Table Load:
6000 lbs

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